News from Kresge Library Services BKPedia and Greenleaf Publishing collections now available <p><strong>February 17, 2017: &nbsp;</strong>Kresge Library Services is proud to announce its accession of the BKPedia and Greenleaf Publishing electronic book collections. &nbsp;BKPedia, by publisher Berrett-Koehler, includes seminal works on positive organizational scholarship and focuses on progressive leadership, management practices, socially responsible approaches to business, and humane and effective organizations. &nbsp;Greenleaf Publishing places its focus on corporate responsibility, business ethics, environmental policy and management, future business strategy and practice, and sustainable development.</p> <p><a href=";sort_by=title_az">View BKPedia collection titles</a></p> <p><a href=";sort_by=title_az">View Greenleaf Publishing collection titles</a></p> Welcome to the Kresge Library Services catalog <p>Now in its new physical home, Kresge Library Services is proud to introduce its new catalog. &nbsp;It provides access to the many electronic books and journals available to Ross School of Business students, faculty, and staff--over 400,000 titles and growing--from resources provided by Kresge and selected resources provided by MLibrary with significant business-related content.</p> <p>Improvements will continue to the appearance of the various displays and search results as librarians and staff of Kresge continue their work.</p>